It snaps onto your Polaroid Cube for a down-the-throat view while you knock 'em back.

Polaroid Cube is an itsy-bitsy action cam cube that can be fixed up with all kinds of mounts and gizmos for a more versatile filmmaking experience. It even has a strong magnet on the bottom so you can slap it on your helmet, skateboard or other metal gear for awesome POV footage.Polaroid Cube

But it seems that Polaroid isn’t content that it has taken the idea of POV quite far enough, because the camera giant has just launched a shot glass accessory for the Cube that lets you snap footage right inside your gob while you’re slinging back Tequila.

The shot glass accessory, which you can grab for just £12.99 from Amazon, is a square-shaped transparent base mount that holds your Cube snugly with its lens facing up, and your spirit of choice in the top. Once you’ve popped in your Cube you’ll still have access to all its controls, so you can finally just set the camera rolling and enjoy the party without having to manually stick a camera down your throat every time you want to snap the perfect gob shot.

If you haven’t yet got the Polaroid Cube but this shot glass accessory has sealed the deal, you can buy it for £89.99 from Amazon. Standing just 35mm tall with the ability to capture 1080-pixel HD video and stunning 124˚ wide angle shots, it’s a mini camera prodigy that you’ll soon find you can’t live without.

Polaroid Cube can record up to 90 minutes of footage and supports a Micro SD with up to 32GB of storage space. It’s also splash-resistant and shock-proof, so it’s safe to take with you on your outdoor adventures, let alone on a heavy drinking session.

We’re still waiting for Polaroid to grace us with some POV shots down people’s throats, so if you happen to capture some yourself, send ’em over.