Let some Vitamin D into your smartphone with this cool window-sucking Port solar charger.

Being caught short of phone battery is the stuff of modern-day nightmares. But thanks to this Port solar charger, mother nature is always on hand to juice up your floundering gadgets.

A mini solar-powered power bank with a suction cup, Port can be fixed to practically any smooth surface to act as a convenient phone charger on the go. It works best when you put it somewhere where the sun in shining, so just pop it on the train window next to you or any place at home that catches maximum rays.

Port solar chargerThen, simply plug in your phone via the USB port and let the sunshine work its magic. When your phone has a full tank, Port’s 5 LED indicators will light up green to let you know you can unplug. Port’s cable then coils conveniently around the power bank to keep it neatly stored inside your bag or pocket.

The only caveat with Port – and, indeed, with any solar-powered charger – is that it’s rather sluggish compared to your standard mains charger. The 1,000 mAh battery needs a good 2 hours in the sun to get its fill, and charging your phone fully can take up to around 20 hours. That’s one long, hot train journey…

Still, it’s a neat little solution when you’re stuck without anywhere to plug in your normal charger and simply need a quick top-up. You can grab the Port solar charger from XD Design for £44.95.