Really nice wallet + phone power = super-duper Power Wallet.

Searching for a solution for charging your phone out and about that doesn’t involve having to show everyone in the café your builder’s bum while you fumble with cables under the table? Aren’t we all. Luckily, the Power Wallet is here to make the sorry situation a lot more simple. And child-friendly.

Packing a 1400 mAh battery pack and a tiny hidden cable inside its 15mm-thin leather chops, the Power Wallet by Sevyr can juice up your phone a treat while it’s in your pocket or beside your cup of coffee.

Power walletNo need to carry extra cables or a charger, cram a bulky power bank in your pocket or attempt to catch a Charmander with your last 2% of phone battery. You’re finally saved from all of the above horrors.

There’s a money clip for cash and receipts, pockets for up to 6 cards, and both Micro USB and Lightning versions available. The wallet comes in either brown or black premium leather.

You can grab the Power Wallet from Firebox for £59.99.