Time to find out who your real friends are.

There’s nothing like a gadget that brings people together, and this PowerMe cable is bang on message. A tiny double-ended cable with super power-sucking abilities, PowerMe encourages mates with battery to spare to share their wealth with their friends’ flailing devices.

How does it manage it? Essentially, PowerMe can charge any micro USB or lightning device by glugging battery life from other devices. All you have to do is plug one end into your lifeless phone, and the other end into any phone, tablet, laptop, or other device that has some stamina to spare. PowerMe will instantly start siphoning precious power from the other device to your phone.

PowerMe phone and tablet

Of course, you’ll have to ask nicely first. We don’t recommend actually committing full-blown energy theft. And you can obviously take power from your own devices too. It’s not limited to charging phones either – you can charge a tablet, camera, laptop, and tons of other gadgets using PowerMe.

The other cool part is that PowerMe doubles up as a file-transferring device. You can use it to share photos from your camera, files from your laptop, or even share music between two phones.

PowerMe cable

What’s really handy is that PowerMe snaps onto your keyring so you won’t ever forget it. It’s so small and light that you won’t even notice you’re carrying anything extra, which beats having the tangled web of a phone charger in the bottom of your bag.

PowerMe can charge most devices, but sadly it can’t actually suck power from Apple devices yet. Don’t worry – it’s more than capable of charging your iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

PowerMe Cable pinkIt’s not the first time someone has tried to solve the age-old(ish) problem of the dreaded low phone battery. But most solutions come in the form of external battery packs, or chargers built into stuff, like this belt. With PowerMe though, it’s simply a case of having a generous mate.

After storming past its funding goal on Indiegogo a few months back, PowerMe is now available to buy here in plenty of colours for €10.99 (around £10). It’s €12.99 (around £12) to get it with an additional lightning adaptor for your Apple devices. You can also grab handy PowerMe cable extras separately, like a USB type C adaptor. It’s a new connector that’s starting to appear on some phones.