Tired of wading through playlists? Prizm is a music player that learns what you like and plays tunes it knows you’ll love.

Update: Prizm went through Kickstarter funding a while ago now and recently won a CES Innovation Award in the Smart Homes category.

Prizm is a tiny music box that’s like a DJ, but won’t need to be paid every night and won’t insist on making birthday ‘shout-outs’ at 11pm. It sounds like a lounge dream.

You plug Prizm into your speaker system and it gradually learns about the kind of music you’re into. Once schooled-up by linking up to services you use like Spotify, you can set it playing with just a press of a button on Prizm’s body.

Here’s where it gets really clever, though. Prizm doesn’t just learn whether you prefer Marvin Gaye or Rihanna, it also scans the room to assess the mood. It needs to know whether you’re relaxing with a glass of red or mid house party, after all.

It doesn’t do this with Blade Runner-style cameras, but something altogether more sensible. It scans for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals from people’s phones, suggesting there are more people around. Who doesn’t carry a phone these days?

Prizm then uses a room sound sensor to gauge whether you’re partying, or just relaxing.

Its sophisticated playlist brain also takes into account the time of day. After all, even if you love black metal, not every black metal fan wants to listen to it at 7am.

Prizm vs Spotify

The idea is that you’ll be able to play tunes without fiddling around on Spotify or Deezer or your phone, but there are some extra controls on Prizm itself too. One side is a capacitive volume slider, and the two front panels let you ‘like’ a song or explore an artist’s other work, and either skip a song or tell Prizm never to play that track again.

We’ll call that the Bieber button.

If you’re interested your best bet is to sign up for an invite to buy over at the Prizm website – it’s promising delivery in early 2016 at a price, for early invitees, of E149.

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