Wake up and smell the roses with the world's first smart air freshener you control from an app on your smartphone.

Pure Scents connects to a free app on your smartphone and lets you customise its aroma schedule to suit your lifestyle.

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You can plug in as many Pura Scents dispensers as you like in multiple rooms and have them fire out scented goodness at various times throughout the day. As well as being able to create pre-set timetables, you can manually turn your dispensers on and off using an app, and switch between two fragrance bottles housed in each dispenser.

Pura Scents is also Wi-Fi enabled, so you can control it when you’re out of the house. Are you often struck with a sudden need to inhale the comforting aroma of Vanilla Chiffon while you’re queuing up for groceries? Now you can simply switch on your Pura Scents dispenser from the app, and arrive home to a soothing sensory treat.

The team behind Pura Scents is constantly working on adding new scents to its marketplace, but for now, how about waking up to the rejuvenating scent of Fresh Alpine? Or drifting off to sleep while inhaling the dreamy aroma of Pink Peony and Silk?

Pura Scents reckons its fragrances are the perfect way to wow house guests too. In its words, “A pleasant scent is often correlated with cleanliness.” Which sounds exactly like something Mary Poppins would say, and she’s probably a good authority on these things.

In a surprising but not unwelcome turn, some of Pura Scents’s fragrances also contain pheromones to “set the mood”. The company doesn’t say which ones though, which could leave unwitting users experiencing some interesting side effects.

There are also LED lights built into each air freshener. You can choose from a million different colours in the RGB colour wheel in the app to turn your Pura Scents dispenser into an atmospheric nightlight.

Pura Scents will automatically switch itself off when you’re not at home to save its scent, and will spring back to life when you return. Pura Scents’s makers are working on making it compatible with devices like the Hive thermostat and IFTTT to create the ultimate home fragrance automation experience.

And because Pura Scents operates on a cloud-based platform, all future updates will happen via the app, so your current Pura Scents air freshener will always be up to date with the newest tech.

Pre-order a Pura Scents air freshener from its Kickstarter campaign for an early bird price of $58 (£39). Each dispenser comes with two fragrance containers to start you off, and you can sign up to receive a new one each month for just $3.99 (£2.50). Each fragrance lasts around a month.

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