You'll be surprised at what this £14 lightbulb can do.


Remote control mood lighting at home is the dream, but smart lightbulbs and lighting systems don’t exactly come cheap – especially when they require additional hubs and controllers. Qube wants to undercut the pricey smart home players with an affordable smart lightbulb that can pull off even more awesome tricks.

Just like the big shots such as Philips Hue and Hive lightbulbs, Qube can be scheduled from an app on your phone to automate your home’s lighting routine around your lifestyle. What’s extra-cool is that Qube throws in motion-sensing, meaning your lights will activate when you walk into a room, and switch off when you leave. Now there’s a powerful feeling.

Qube lightbulbOne thing this lightbulb does that we haven’t yet seen in a smart lightbulb, however, is interact with your phone’s notifications. When you get a call or a text, Qube will flash to let you know you need to check your phone.

It even syncs with weather apps on your phone to signal that you need to take a brolly out with you if there’s a downpour on its way.

Of course, the real fun with smart lightbulbs is introducing colour into your home. The app’s colour wheel lets you choose from around 16 million colours to beam throughout the house, with the ability to shine up to a dazzling 1000 lumens.

Qube 2Unlike the flaky bulbs in your bedside lamp, Qube is powerful enough to light up your life for around 27 years, so you only have to buy one of these guys once.

If you’ve been considering making the leap to some smart home wizardry but you’re reluctant to take the hit on your wallet, Qube are definitely an ideal solution. You can pre-order a single or multiple Qube lightbulbs from Indiegogo.

Prices start at $19 (around £14) for a single lightbulb, and go up to $190 (around £142) for 100 bulbs. Shipping is set for August this year.