Keep all of your important login details top secret with this wallet-sized card that lets you generate and remember strong secure passwords.

Qwertycard is a tiny plastic card that lives in your wallet and lets you create and remember strong, hacker-proof passwords.

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Made with true random number generator software and a special code unique to each Qwertycard, this pocket-sized password pal lets you create login codes that only you can remember with a secret word.

Qwertycard looks just like a tiny keyboard. Get a closer look though, and you’ll notice that every key has two letters on it, and there’s also a random code printed on the spacebar.

You’ll also notice that it’s not actually a keyboard. It’s just a plastic card with a keyboard printed on it. Huh. But lack of tech aside, Qwertycard is an incredibly smart little fella.

Here’s how it works. Those second characters on each key are randomly generated, and unique to your Qwertycard. So is that spacebar code. Lets say you’re creating a password for Facebook using this Qwertycard:


First, type in the code on your Qwertycard’s spacebar into the Facebook password box. This one is sh(/J3Hq.

Next, type the corresponding characters linked to the letters that spell out your secret word. This is the only password you’ll ever need again, so make it memorable. Ours is going to be LIVESMART. So that’s 8QMA)u.2&.

Finally, type the corresponding characters linked to the Qwertycard keys that spell out Facebook. That’s “.mA*qq1. And there you have it. Your super-strong top-secret password for Facebook is h(/J3Hq8QMA)u.2&“.mA*qq1.

Just, um, make sure you allow yourself a good ten minutes to work that out, and then actually type it.

But although we admit it’s a pretty laborious approach, we can’t help but love the simplicity of solving a high-tech problem using absolutely zero tech.

Plus, Qwertycard is dirt-cheap at just £4.99. When you buy one, it comes with a paper version. Those are the only two copies of your Qwertycard layout in the world, so make sure you keep them safe.

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