Raspberry Pi Zero is an entire circuit-board computer that that fits in your wallet and teaches you the basics of computer programming.

At half the size of a credit card, Raspberry Pi Zero is one of the world’s smallest computers. But the really cool part? It costs less than your lunch. You can grab one for just £4.

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Minuscule computers are nothing new. The first Raspberry Pi launched in 2012, and various iterations since have seen the pocket-sized device gradually change and get more powerful. But now we have the Raspberry Pi Zero: a 65mm long, 30mm wide, and 5mm tall computer in your pocket.

But a shrinking waistline isn’t Raspberry Pi Zero’s only new trick. It’s powered by a Broadcom BCM2835 with a 1GHz ARM11 core, which means its 40 percent faster than the original Raspberry Pi. It has 512MB or RAM, and sticks with the 40 GPIO pins of its predecessor. These let you plug in extra bits like cameras.

There’s a micro SD slot, two micro USB sockets, and a mini HDMI socket, which mean you can hook it up to a TV, computer monitor, keyboard, and mouse like a regular computer. You’ll need a few extra bits and bobs like an ethernet cable to get online, and an HDMI or analog cabe to connect to a screen, but after the minute or two of initial setting-up, you’re away.

The important question is what you can actually do with Raspberry Pi Zero. The answer? Pretty much anything. You can use it like a normal computer for the usual browsing, streaming, and using Pi alternatives to things like Word and Excel. Or you can learn how to program in languages like Python and Scratch, make games, a robot, arcade machines – even fly a drone.

If you have your priorities in check, you can even make a Lego ball sorter like this guy did:

Learn more about Raspberry Pi Zero here.


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