ReadySip is a stirrer that sits in your hot drink and notifies an app on your phone when it's at the perfect drinking temperature.


Pop ReadySip in your morning cup o’ joe, your afternoon tea, or your bedtime brew and get a notification straight to your phone when it’s at the optimal drinking temperature.

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With a temperature probe and LED light system, ReadySip rests inside your drink like a futuristic teaspoon. It connects to an app on your smartphone using Bluetooth and sends you handy alerts when it’s safe to put your mouth to the mug and get gulping.

In the app, there’s a slider that lets you choose the exact temperature you enjoy different drinks, which also takes into account temperatures that are too cold so it can alert you when your drink’s verging on undrinkable.

You don’t need to rely entirely on the app, because ReadySip’s LED light system also helps you out. When your drink’s mouth-burningly hot, it’ll glow red to warn you. When it’s ready to drink, it’ll turn green, and then blue when your drink starts to get too cool.

ReadySip is trying to cause a stir over on Kickstarter, where you can pre-order it for $20 (£13).


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