Record gravity-defying stunts in the sky with this teeny weeny Skeye Nano Drone.


After a drone that does much more than just fly around taking pictures? Meet the Skeye Nano Drone, a pocket-sized camera drone that performs aerial acrobatics to give you nail-biting action footage.

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With a 6-axis flight control system and four razor-sharp propellers, Skeye Nano can fling itself around in the air at your command, flipping, rolling, and tumbling like a fearless – albeit tiny – stunt plane.

It’s so tiny, in fact, that it’s makers claim it’s the world’s smallest camera drone. Measuring just 4cm from blade to blade, Skeye Nano is practically the size of a matchbox, and it only weighs 14 grams, so there’s no wonder it can spin like a sparrow on crack.

It’s onboard 300,000 megapixel camera will tirelessly capture every second of its turbulent journey, saving the footage automatically to the 2GB MicroSD card for you to upload and share later.

Any drone rookies terrified about Skeye Nano spinning out of control can breathe a sigh of relief, because the drone’s games console inspired controller has adjustable gryo sensitivity to suit your level of flying skill. The drone can be controlled from up to 50 metres away too, which should be more than enough to keep it safely in your radar.

To make flying Skeye Nano even easier, it’s also got integrated “Ready to Fly” tech, meaning you can launch the drone into flight by just chucking in the air with wild abandon. When it senses it’s airborne it’ll automatically kick into flight mode and carry on flying.

If you capturing some nighttime footage, you can simply switch on Skeye Nano’s bright LED lights to help you guide it through the night sky.

Our one little niggle is that Skeye Nano can only manage four minutes of flight on a full charge. Juicing it up with its USB charging cable only takes 30 minutes, so if you’re near a power source and you’ve got the patience, it shouldn’t be a problem, but it’s something to consider if you’re after a drone you can take on a serious spin.

In much happier news, Skeye Nano will cost a wallet-friendly £59.99. It’s on sale exclusively at Firebox.

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