Transform your old bottles and bags into cars and characters.

3D pens are lots of fun, but unless you’re a seasoned 3D artist who puts pen to air daily, the expense of the magical ink and filaments is probably more than it’s worth. And that’s where a brand new tool called Renegade swoops in.

Currently reeling in backers on Kickstarter, this chunky scribbler lets you pen 3D designs on paper without ever having to buy a single jot of pricey magic ink. Instead, it feeds on the bags, bottles and plastics that you throw in your recycling bin.

No excuse for bottling up your creative talents, now, eh? (So sorry).

Renegade 3D pen dancersTo get crafty with Renegade, you first need to subject a plastic bottle to the pen’s companion ChupaCut plastic bottle shredder. When your bottle is well and truly spaghettified, you can feed it to Renegade, which uses a screw-feeder mechanism and heating system to melt the plastic down into ink.

Et voilà – you can start draping plastic bottle ink in mid-air all fancy, like some sort of magician of the recycling world. The molten plastic should cool down rapidly, making it relatively easy to create intricate hovering doodles to display with pride on the mantlepiece.

As with all 3D pens, we imagine it takes some practise. Obviously, the ultimate dream is this:

Eiffel Tower 3D doodle

Picture: The 3D Doodler

But the immediate reality is probably going to be this:

3D doodleNothing wrong with dreaming big, we say.

If you’re excited to get creating eco art, you can jump in line for an early bird Renegade on Kickstarter right now. The lowest price basic Renegade bundle currently sits at £60, and comes with a colourful spool for storing your stringy bits of bottle. You can pay a little extra to have the ChupaCut thrown in.