Rever by Qubea 3D is a family-friendly 3D printer that lets kids print toys from their own designs.

With Rever, kids can easily print 3D versions of imagined creations like Lego-style blocks, fancy dress accessories, and toy animals – pretty much anything that can be dreamt up on paper by little minds.

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The great thing about Rever is that it’s ultra-practical for kids to use. There are two easy ways to operate it. You can either use 3rd party slicing software, or go directly via the Qubea app, compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Rever is Wi-Fi enabled, of course, to give you this luxury.

It’ll print pretty much any 3D object kids can think of, with child-friendly online instructions and tutorials to help them get started, as well as thousands of pre-set designs available from the Qubea app to print at the drop of a hat. Like this colourful family of elephants:

Rever Elephants

To make things simple, Rever doesn’t require a memory card to transfer design files. It’s connected to the cloud so the whole process is wireless, which should reduce the potential for child-related cable disasters, or lost memory cards.

Unlike regular 3D printers, all of Rever’s potentially dangerous tech is tucked away behind translucent safety doors. This means kids won’t come into contact with anything harmful while they’re watching their creations come to life.

It also has built-in infra-red detection to warn about any obstacles on the printing platform before you print, so there’s no danger of various odds and ends from the toy box meeting an ugly fate.

Where regular 3D printers often require you to fiddle with parameters like speed and temperature before launching into a print, all of Rever’s settings are automatic, so kids can hit quickly print and take their creations to the playroom.

Rever will even carry on printing when it’s in offline mode, which means if the Wi-Fi device it’s connected to strays out of its radar, it’ll continue the build.

You can pre-order Rever for an early bird price of $219 (£145) from its Kickstarter page, with delivery set for June 2016.


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