The world's last maker of the VHS player has finally put it to bed.


As reports flood in from Japan that the last maker of of VHS players, Funai, has decided to stop making them for good, our thoughts turn to the simpler times, when the ability to set Corrie to record before you left the house was the height of cutting-edge tech.

And despite the fact that VHS players have had their day, Funai did manage to shift 750,000 VHS players last year alone. The issue in recent months has actually been the difficulty sourcing the components needed to make the trusty old video boxes, Engadget reports.

So it’s a fond farewell to the VHS, but we can’t let it go without sharing some (mostly) happy memories…

1 – Twisting the reel to wind the tape back in after the VHS player gobbled it upDavid Tennant Rain

Every. Time. Without. Fail.

2 – Having to carefully organise your social life around manually recording every episode of a series in the right orderCommitment

God bless series record.

3 – Building a mini fort for the dog out of video tape casesThere's no place like home

DVD cases just don’t have the same integrity.

4 – Taping over an embarrassing home video and knowing it’s safely erased foreverIt's gone Lord of the Rings

The cloud is always watching.

5 – Taping over an embarrassing home video but realising your mum’s favourite episode of The X-Files was on the same tapeWhat have I done

…Then changing the label and denying all knowledge.

6 – Fast-forwarding a tape really slowly because your dad says doing it fast ruins itthrone of lies

We’re still not sure on this one.

So long, video…VHS tape