Send your handwritten notes to the cloud in magic ink with this microwaveable Rocketbook Wave notebook. Wait… what?

Update: we had our doubts about this one, but yes, it’s reached its funding goal and is now available on Indiegogo for pre-ordering, with an estimated release date of August 2016. Be warned that shipping outside of the US can significantly bump up the price tag.

Kickstarter can be a bit of a breeding ground for harebrained ideas dreamed up at the pub. But every so often, something catches our eye that turns out to be so crazy, it’s actually genius. And so we introduce Rocketbook Wave: the magic, cloud-connected, microwaveable notebook.

Rocketbook Wave, as you’ve probably guessed, isn’t your average pad of paper. It’s specially designed to withstand heat, and takes the thermochromic ink of a Pilot Frixion pen, which becomes clear and disappears when it gets hot – ie. when you blast it in the microwave. Really.

Rocketbook Wave MicrowaveWhen your book’s full and you need a fresh start, you just have to pop it the microwave with a mug of water, hit start, and watch for its thermal logo to turn white to let you know your notes are erased.

Before you frazzle them into oblivion, you can send your scribblings to the cloud using Rocketbook Wave’s phone app, which brings a whole new level of smart into play. Using patent-pending image capture tech, the app accurately captures your notes, crops and enhances them so they’re nice and vibrant, and automatically saves them to your cloud folder of choice.

Rocketbook Wave scanningHere’s the really clever bit. At the bottom of each page, there are seven symbols, or ‘magic buttons’, to which you can assign destinations; Dropbox, Evernote, Google Docs, and so on. When you mark an icon on the page, the app recognises it, and makes sure your notes get filed in the right place.

Rocketbook Wave savingThere’s also a special QR code on each page which tells the app page numbers, so even if you scan your notes in the wrong order, they’ll get shuffled back in order in the cloud. Any avid note-takers who have ever been to bulk-scanning hell and back will probably be crying with relief at this point.

Rocketbook Wave has predictably blitzed its Kickstarter funding goal with 53 days of the campaign still left to go of. It’s up for pre-order for $27 (£19) with a Frixon Pilot pen thrown in.