Rising smart home player Roost has unveiled a pair of smart smoke alarms that communicate with your smartphone.

It’s not long at all since we raved about the genius of Roost’s tiny smart battery that injects an IoT brain into your existing smoke detector. But it seems the California-based tech company isn’t stopping at smart quick fixes.

Roost just revealed a pair of connected smoke and fire detectors that put fire safety at your very fingertips. The RSA-200 and the RSA-400 are WiFi-connected alarms that fix in place of your old smoke alarm and ping your phone if they go off.

While the RSA-200 deals with smoke and fire detection, the RSA-400 can also sniff out carbon-monoxide and natural gas detection for a more thorough level of protection. As well as giving you a shout if there’s trouble, the pair of alarms will also issue an alert to select friends and family to make sure there’s always backup in an emergency.

And because the smoke alarm chirping away at 3AM is the last thing anyone wants, the alarms will also notify your phone when their batteries are running low to give you ample of time to pop in a replacement. Speaking of which, both alarms come with Roost’s smart battery bundled in.

Roost is planning to ship its dynamic duo to US customers in June this year. The RSA-200 with smoke and fire detection costs $59.99 (£42), which the RSA-400 with smoke, fire, carbon-monoxide and natural gas detection is $79.99 (£55). You can buy them both here.