Smart tech takes on your home's leaky wet spots.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen Roost’s name crop up lately. The emerging smart home player has launched a series of smart batteries and smoke detectors to sniff out air and fire in your home, but now, it’s turning its attention to water.

The Roost Smart Water and Freeze Detector is a slim disc-shaped device that slips under sinks, near water heaters, in the cellar, under the fish tank and practically anywhere in the house there’s plumbing to alert you if there’s trouble brewing.

On a basic level, the detector will help you keep an eye on the state of your home’s plumbing. At its very best? This discreet little detector could save you having to fork out on costly repairs.

Roost Smart Water and Freeze Detector lifestyleWhether it’s a pipe about to freeze, a drip from your toilet cistern or an abnormally cold spot underneath your boiler, the detector will send an instant alert to your phone to help you take action before a serious problem rears its ugly head.

You can also check yourself that things are ticking along nicely using the Roost app on your phone. Here, you can keep tabs on real-time stats and reading from the detector, and even set the temperature and humidity range you want to track. Setting a 35 degree temperature threshold, for instance, will mean you’re notified before your pipes freeze.


On the flip side, certain places in your home like the wine cellar need to stay perfectly chilly, and Roost’s detector will also alert you when temperatures go higher than your preset levels.

The Roost Smart Water and Freeze detector runs on AAA batteries that should give it around 3 years of life. It also works in tandem with your existing Roost devices to help you monitor your home from the floor up. You can sign up here to know when Roost is available to buy.