Get more done at the push of a button.

If you’re hopelessly prone to visiting obscure corners of the internet and sending videos of monkeys getting their hair combed to your friends when you’re supposed to be hitting a work deadline, you need Saent.

A giant button that connects to your computer via Bluetooth, Saent is a site-blocking, bad habit-busting, data-collecting spy that trains you to work harder stay away from the procrastination monster.

Connect it to your Windows or Mac computer, give it a push, and it’ll set about keeping those productivity-killing sites and apps at arm’s length, while tracking how you use your time to help you work on being more efficient.

Saent lifestyle 2With the companion app, you can tell Saent exactly which pesky social media channels and websites distract you from the job, and even prevent apps sending you notifications when you’re supposed to be concentrating. Saent will learn when you’re distracted, and get to know how you work, where your trouble sports are and when you’re at your best and most naturally productive.

With detailed insights into the length, time and frequency of your best work times, Saent will give you insights via the app into how to be a better worker. It will even curate a work schedule for you in time blocks, allowing for enough breaks to keep you awake and focussed.

SaentThere are productivity challenges to help you develop healthier work habits too. Saent will even keep an eye on outside factors to make sure you have a health work-life balance, like whether going for a run in the morning boosts your productivity in the morning. It will then incorporate important activities into your challenges to make sure you’re doing enough away from the screen.

Want to use Saent at the office? Pop it on the wall by your desk, and its halo indicator light shows your current session status, acting as a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign for your colleagues.

The great news is that Saent is totally affordable. It’s $49 (around £38), which includes a free 1-year subscription to the companion app (usually $60/£46). Buy it here.