Samsung Gear VR is an affordable headset for your smartphone that lets you explore virtual worlds from the comfort of your sofa.

The Samsung Gear VR headset, which has a docking port for your Samsung smartphone, puts immersive VR games and videos right in front of your eyes at the touch of a button.

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Roam the earth with dinosaurs, dive into the world of The Hunger Games, or solve crimes as an elite secret agent – all while smugly lounging in your pyjamas with a glass of Shiraz and the ten o’clock news on in the background.

To get started, you need to download the Oculus app. Here, there are tons of low-cost games and worlds for you to explore. You can even sit in a virtual living-room and watch Netflix on a huge TV if the reality of your own home is really that bleak.

You can browse the Oculus app store one of two ways; using your smartphone like a normal person, or via the VR headset itself, if the former seems simply too pedestrian.

The Samsung Gear VR headset itself is like a pair of chunky plastic ski goggles with an elastic strap to keep it snug against your face. The bioconvex lenses, which sit at eye level using comfy foam-covered face pads, give a 96-degree field of view. It takes over your whole vision, more or less. There’s a docking port to hold your phone, a focus wheel on top of the headset for adjusting the image, and a touchpad on the side to toggle in games and apps.

Of course, the main control will come from your head movements. The Gear VR uses motion sensors in your phone to link left and right turns to in-game actions. And while it doesn’t allow the full range of movement that high-end headsets can provide, like forward leaning, you’ll still get a nice intuitive experience.

Here’s the thing though. And it’s kind of a biggie. The Samsung Gear VR headset only works with four phones in the entire world. That’s right. If you don’t own a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge or Galaxy S6 Edge+, you’re out of the club. Ouch.

If you’re lucky enough to be among the elite with a compatible phone, the good news is that you can grab the Samsung Gear VR headset for only £80. Just promise you’ll tell the rest of us what it’s like…


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