It's a mask that converts deadly gases into safe, breathable air.

When we move into a new house, we get contents insurance to keep our things covered if they get accidentally damaged, or ruined in a flood or fire. What we don’t always do, however, is take measures to protect ourselves. And that’s why this Saver Emergency Breath System is such a vital piece of tech.

A breathing mask with a sophisticated triple filtering system, Saver prevents dust, carbon monoxide, second-hand smoke and other toxic gases from entering your mouth when you breathe in during a house fire. It has the ability to convert deadly carbon monoxide into more friendly carbon dioxide, so that no matter how much smoke you’re exposed, the air you breathe on your way to safety won’t harm you.

SaverIn an emergency, Saver is quick and practical to use, taking less than five seconds to activate. Simply remove the plastic cover, put on the nose grip and bite down on the mouthpiece. Once it’s in place you can breathe as normal, giving you up to an extra 5 minutes to get out of a dangerous situation.

There’s also a built-in LED flashlight on the mask that can penetrate heavy smoke, as well an alarm that can be sounded, which should help alert firefighters to your location in the event that you’re trapped or injured. It’s completely child-friendly too. Saver’s makers recommend that kids hold their noses with their free hand rather than use the nose grip, though.

SaverYou can buy a single Saver Emergency Breath System here for $69 (around £54), but families can grab packs of multiple Savers to make sure everyone’s covered. Prices range up to $269 (around £211) for a 4-pack of Savers.