Got a Piper? Then you'll want to know how to link it up to other devices. The good news is that from today, it gets IFTTT integration.


Another smart home device falls to the mighty IFTTT, in this case the Piper NV smart home security system. Piper’s been polling its community about IFTTT recipes since the start of the year, and now you can see the results. Piper’s IFTTT channel launches today (check it out here) meaning owners can now unleash the full power of cross device compatibility.

Piper says, “Piper can tell Amazon Echo’s Alexa to arm your Piper when you leave your house each morning or send notifications to your Apple watch when an alarm is tripped. You can even set it up so Piper is disarmed once your mobile phone connects to your home Wi-Fi or gets within a designated map area.”

We spoke to Reza Kazemi at Control Networks, makers of the Piper, to tell us more – check out what he has to say.