It sticks to practically anything and sends you an alert as soon as it moves.

Sensor-1 is a portable security system that you can attach to anything in your life to get peace of mind it’s always safe.

Packing a 3-axis accelerometer, gyroscopic sensor and magnetometer in its coin-sized casing, Sensor-1 can detect the slightest changes in motion and orientation, and send an instant alert to your phone via Bluetooth to let you know there’s movement afoot.

Because of its versatile shape and size, there’s practically no end to the list of objects Sensor-1 can stick to. You can pop it on your laptop, tablet or important documents to make sure they don’t stray from your desk drawer, or even fix it on the garden gate or the garage door to get a heads-up if you get any unwelcome visitors.

Sensor-1For entirely different security reasons, you could even slap it on the cookie jar lid to make sure tiny hands don’t wander where they shouldn’t. Or for a more pressing parental concern, put it on the cupboard door where the chemicals are kept to avert mishaps.

You can customise and tweak how Sensor-1 behaves depending on the level of security you’re after using the phone app, which is strictly iOS-only until an Android roll-out in late 2016. Customisable features include toggling how sensitive the device is to tiny movements, how far it moves before you get an alert, and object presets to help Sensor-1 differentiate between normal and abnormal movement.

Sensor-1 in the darkSensor-1 also has a nifty Left Behind feature, which means you’ll get an alert to your phone if you ever stray out of range of the device and its host object. That’s a useful feature if you want to avoid leaving your laptop at work again, or setting off for the arport without your suitcase. Again, this is customisable in the app, so you’re not obliged to get a notification every time, you pass through the garden gate, for instance.

Sensor-1 had a successful stint attracting funding on Kickstarter, and has moved over to Indiegogo to let latecomers snap it up through the site’s InDemand feature. You can pre-order it there for $99 (around £75), with shipping set for October this year.