Get a reminder to take a brolly with you when you leave the house with the always-on, always learning SeeNote sticky note.

If you’re the kind of person who sets about 12 reminders a day on your phone for various important things you’re likely to forget to do, SeeNote has been made for you.

A portable and miniature e-paper touch screen that feeds off the apps on your phone, SeeNote wants to be the only sticky note or reminder you’ll ever need again. By connecting to your phone via WiFi, SeeNote can tell from your weather app that rain is forecast, update you on traffic before you hit your commute, and ping up calendar events, reminders, and even messages from your family to make sure you don’t miss a trick.

Its easy-to-read feed updates daily, or every time there’s an important update it thinks you need to know about – like a re-scheduled meeting, or an upcoming appointment. When a new item hits your feed, SeeNote’s LED panel will gently glow to tell you there’s something new you need to know.

Like its paper sticky note kin, SeeNote can live on practically any convenient surface where you’ll always notice it – like on the wall by the front door, your bed, or on your noticeboard. Unlike your average post-it, however, SeeNote has a a peel and stick mount that you can re-use again and again, and a magnet inside in case you want to pop it in the fridge. Can a piece of paper remind you to take your lunch to work when you open the fridge in the morning, and switch to let you know you need to add milk to your online shop in the evening? We think not.

One of the great things about SeeNote that sets it apart from a lot of other smart home conveniences is its long battery life. Thanks to its Kindle-esque e-paper touchscreen, SeeNote can put in a month-long shift wherever you stick it. You can just charge it with a standard micro-USB cable when it’s running low. And speaking of smart homes, SeeNote also dabbles in a spot of home control, letting you control your lights or check the status of your smart home gadgets.

If you’re after a simple, affordable and smart solution to your chaotic calendar, SeeNote is the man for the job. You can pre-order it for just $99 (£69), with shipping scheduled for Spring 2017. Shipping to the UK will cost an extra $25 (£17).