Grab a quid, buy this SelfieShutter Button, go forth and embrace vanity.

We don’t usually promote tech purely because it’s cheap, but that was before we came across this SelfieShutter Button going for just 95p and couldn’t resist the bargain.

Just to really hammer that home, this selfie-snapping smart button costs less than this packet of sponges. And this packet of Ryvita Minis. That’s two things that are basically made from thin air. You’re onto a winner here, folks.

So what does it do? The SelfieShutter Button is a Bluetooth-powered remote control for your iPhone or Android’s camera. Without even needing to faff around with an app, you can trigger a selfie from up to 10 metres away with just a single tap of the button.

Not only is that going to let you take all kinds of long-distance selfies without that awkward arm in shot, it’s going to reduce the inconvenient camera wobble that comes with fumbling with your phone yourself.

selfieshutter-buttonThere are actually two separate buttons for iOS and Android devices, so we’re presuming you can switch between devices if you’re dabbling in both. The iOS button is bigger for no apparent reason.

There’s even a handy key chain loop so you can carry the button close wherever you go and whip it out when the mood dictates. The button has a 6 month battery life too, so you won’t be stuck charging it in between shots. It runs on a coin cell battery, so it’s pretty inexpensive to replace it when you’ve been on a 6-month selfie rampage.

Now quit whining you can’t afford to buy anything cool and grab the little nipper here for precisely £0.95. Don’t like the boring black colour? We’ve spotted some colour variations on eBay for 99p. You’re welcome.

And with that, there’s nothing left to do but remind ourselves of the greatest selfie fail of all time…selfie fail