Want to live happier, healthier, and smarter? You might not realise it, but that little Android phone in your pocket has the answer. Check out the best apps for getting every aspect of your life in check:

DO ButtonDO ButtonDO Button is brought to you by IFTTT, the smart home recipe-making app. It’s basically a convenient little shortcut to the things in life you do frequently, like crank up your thermostat when you’re on your way home from work, switch on the TV, or invite your friends out for a beer. With Do Button, now all of those things are just a single tap away. Just tell DO Button which apps and gadgets you want to keep close-by, and it’ll create individual buttons for all of those things. Kind of like a virtual DIY remote control for you life – and who doesn’t need one of those?

7 Minute Workout7 Minute WorkoutThere’s a growing number of fitness apps that make it much easier to get a jolly good sweat on in our own homes, and 7 Minute Workout is up there with the best. Through video workout sessions and a friendly voice guide, the app takes you through a series of 12 mini 30-second exercises, which doesn’t sound like much until you realise that all workouts are based on high-intensity circuit training. There’s a variety of different workout sessions depending on your needs, and while the default time is a nice manageable 7 minutes, you can personalise all of the elements to suit you. It’s always nice to track your progress when you’re on the road to getting fitter, so 7 Minute Workout has a log of your exercise times, and even syncs with your other fitness data from apps like Google Fit.

YummlyYummly appYummly is Android’s solution to what you’re eating for dinner tonight. From a quick-fix veggie curry to a slow-cooked beef casserole or a Vegan sweet treat, Yummly will scour the web for the ideal recipe based on your individual dietary preferences. Just tell it whether you want healthy, quick, Gluten-Free, Italian, or even something Fried in oil to within an inch of its life, and Yummly will fix you up in seconds. Once you’ve found a recipe that tickles your fancy, there’s also the option to add all of the ingredients to a digital shopping list to help you whiz quickly round the supermarket. If you hit upon a winning meal, you can save the recipe to Yummly’s digital recipe box to enjoy again and again.

Deep Sleep with Andrew JohnsonDeep Sleep with Andrew JohnsonWe know what you’re thinking. Who on earth is Andrew Johnson, and what makes him think he can help me sleep? Well, it might comfort you to know that Mr. Johnson is actually the gentleman behind a bestselling series of self-help CDs and MP3s to help people with stress symptoms, addictions and bad habitual behaviour. His Deep Sleep app is aimed at anyone who struggles to relax and drift off at the end of a stressful day, but it sounds so lovely that we reckon everyone should give it a whirl. It features soothing background music combined with meditation guidance in Andrew’s own dulcet tones, and chiming alerts throughout the day to remind you to breathe and relax. Sounds pretty simple and obvious, but the app’s 4.5 out of 5 stars on the app store speaks for itself.

TodoistTodoistIf you’re a serial to-do list maker, you’re not going to find anything you love more in the Google Play store than Todoist. Todoist isn’t just a simple list-maker, though. Oh, no. With sub-categories, deadlines, colour coding, goal-setting, and even IFTTT integration, Todoist is the ultimate smart tool for simply getting stuff done. With Todoist, you can set reminders for important tasks, collaborate with colleagues by assigning tasks, and even add videos and pictures to list items. We’re particularly excited about Todoist’s ability to remind you to do something based on your phone’s location. Clever, eh? To keep track of how very organised you are, there are also colour-coded graphs to visualise your progress.

MintMint appWhat with all the gadgets and gizmos letting us make contactless payments on the fly these days, it’s smart to get onboard with an app to help manage your personal finances. Mint is an Android favourite for keeping tabs on your spending and saving more, and it’s easy-peasy to use. Unlike a lot of other budgeting apps, Mint actually makes a secure connection to your bank accounts. Once you’re all synced up, you can manage your budget, set goals, categorise transaction, track cash, and visualise your spending with handy graphs and charts. You’ll get helpful expert advice along the way too, like how best to budget, distribute your pay check, and save smarter. Plus, it has a nice simple, clean interface, which is a huge bonus when it comes to dealing with figures and stats.