Did your kids achieve highly at school today? Thanks to the ClassDojo app, now you'll know.

For 8 hours of the day for five days a week, we can never be entirely certain that our kids have got their heads stuck in books, or if they’re in a deep daydream with their eyes fixed on the world beyond the classroom window. And when it comes to chatting about the day, they’d often much rather stick on the TV or head out with their friends than fill you in on every last detail.

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Thanks to an app called ClassDojo, however, it’s now easier than ever to keep tabs on your child’s progress at school. Used by at least one teacher in half of the UK’s schools according to its developers, ClassDojo is a free and friendly platform for teachers, parents, and children to easily share, discuss, and connect over life in the classroom.

Essentially, ClassDojo creates a window into the classroom that parents can’t have without smart tech. With the app in tow, teachers can create a picture of a child’s day by adding photos and videos of lesson highlights, which parents can then view remotely in real-time.

Teachers can also incentivise learning by awarding points to child for achievements and behaviour, or deducting them for bad behaviour. Parents can track this score in real-time, while a child can also check up on their progress any time they like.

That score can even become a group effort, with the option for teachers project the app onto a screen during a less for the entire to class to see their collective score. Each individual child’s score will always be kept hidden to ensure privacy.

Of course, with this vital link between teachers and parents established, ClassDojo is also the perfect tool for sharing important information. Whether it’s details about a school trip, an important update, or just a query about your child’s progress, each parties can exchange instant messages quickly and privately.

ClassDojo is available for both Android and iOS devices, and can also be booted up on a desktop. It can translate any message in up to 35 languages too. Check it out here.