Destinations on Google is the ultimate tool for researching, planning, and booking your next big adventure.

Google wants to take the faff out of booking your next holiday with its brand new Destinations feature. From choosing a city and booking your flights, to planning your itinerary and finding the perfect hotel, Google can now sort out the lot right from its own humble search box.

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To make use of the handy Destinations tool, you’ll have to be Googling on a mobile. All you have to do to kick off a search is type wherever you’re heading, such as “Europe”. in the search box, followed by “destination”. Anyone in the US can also type “vacation”.

Google will then display picture tiles of potential cities, complete with real-time prices to compare at a glance. You can then personalise your search by selecting dates, how many people are travelling, and how much you want to spend. Google’s search results will update automatically according to your preferences.

When a destination catches your eye, you can delve a little deeper by viewing pictures, videos, and descriptions of the place. There are even custom itineraries put together by other travellers who have already visited, which should help get the ball rolling for your own trip.

Once you’re ready to book, Destinations will compares million of flights and hotels together in real-time to give you the most accurate as possible idea of how much your trip will cost, and sliding left or right will let you toggle between those estimated trip prices for the next 6 months, letting you plan the perfect time to visit.

At the moment, Destinations has curated itineraries for a whopping 201 cities worldwide for your perusal, so all that’s left to do now is get Googling a holiday.