Send special gifts on a whim with this nifty app that delivers straight to doorsteps in a matter of moments.


The gesture of a spontaneous gift kind of loses its spontaneity when the dark cloud of “Ships within 3-5 working days” looms over you at the checkout. But gift-sending app Hintsy wants to put the spur of the moment back into sending a thoughtful present, letting you browse, wrap, and deliver a surprise to a lucky someone in your life in just 60 minutes.

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From wine and whiskey to gadgets, stationery, and smellies, Hintsy’s curated online shop has a growing stock of unique gifts for every person and occasion. Once you’ve chosen your gift, you can then select wrapping paper and personalised gift cards before hitting send to have it instantly whizzed off to your loved one’s doorstep by one of Hintsy’s speedy delivery people on skates. (For the record, we don’t actually know if they’re on skates).

The one rather large catch is that Hintsy is a US operation, and its one-hour delivery promise is actually currently only available to people living in San Fransisco, with more cities coming soon. It still offers some very quick delivery elsewhere in the US, though. It’s also only available for iOS devices.

As for us Brits across the pond, we’ll just have to make to do with our trusty Amazon Prime accounts with one-day delivery privileges for now.