Every day, a host of internet enabled devices could silently be waving for your attention. A new Google update will soon make them visible - and usable.

You probably didn’t realise that every day, a host of internet enabled devices could silently be waving for your attention as you pass by.

Using a technology called web beacons, a range of enabled physical devices – from parking meters to charge points – are able to reach out and alert you to their presence, broadcasting a URL that appears when you are near the object… if you have the right web browser installed.

Up until now, that meant people using the Chrome web browser on iOS devices, but soon Android users will be able to do the same thanks to a new Chrome feature currently in beta.

So what’s the point of a beacon? The idea is you should be able to “walk up and use anything” over the web. This school in America is using them to help interact with its community. This meeting room broadcasts a URL to enable bookings on the spot – no apps needed. And the CES trade show in Las Vegas used beacons to help delegates find their way around the massive complex.

The update to Chrome hasn’t been released yet, but the suggestion from the Chrome team is it could be as early as the first week of March.