This smart bracelet uses the unique pattern of your heartbeat to let you make secure, hands-free NFC payments on the go.

Love paying for your Starbucks using the contactless powers of your phone or smartwatch? You’ll be blown away by Nymi. It’s a smart bracelet that only recognises your unique heartbeat, and confirms payments when it hears the beat of your ticker.

Here’s how it works. Like fingerprints, no two heartbeats are the same. The first time you put Nymi on your wrist, it charts the shape your unique electrocardiogram (ECG) wave, and will then only activate when you’re wearing it on your wrist, rendering it completely useless if it ever got in the wrong hands.

Even if you have an irregular ECG due to a medical condition, Nymi will still recognise its you that’s wearing it. Pretty neat.

With Nymi completely in tune with your beating heart, you’ll be able to make quick, completely secure NFC payments simply by hovering your wrist over a pay and go terminal at a shop counter. Just like this:

Nymi smart band

Nymi has been through a pilot programme at certain stores across Canada, with MasterCard and the Canada-based Toronto-Dominion Bank both on board to help get the ball rolling. More pilot programmes are also planned across the US and Europe with the aim of making Nymi a popular, widespread option for NFC payments and hands-free authentication.

It’s compatible with any mobile, laptop, desktop or cloud platform, and the ultimate goal is that you’ll be able to pair Nymi with devices of services of your choice

Made from high quality hypo-allergenic materials, it’s comfortable and sturdy, and has an IPX7 water resistance rating, which means it’ll withstand being exposed to water depth of up to a metre for half an hour, so it’ll withstand a dip in the pool or washing-up bowl.

It’ll be available in three colours; lava, frost, and carbon, and you can sign up at for news on when it’ll be available to buy.