You paid good for money for all that lovely stuff - let Ownit keep it in check for you!

Practically every gadget, gizmo and device you buy these days comes with a box full of manuals, how-tos and serial numbers that don’t survive past your next spring clean. Meh – who needs all the bumph when you can keep it all in a single app? Enter Ownit…

Put simply, Ownit is an app that helps you own your stuff like a pro. When you buy a new thing, just take a pic of its serial number, logo, UPS and serial number (or whichever it has), and Ownit will automatically add it to your virtual Ownit stash, generating a categorised inventory with all the product information that’s vital to ownership.

Ownitt app screenshots

Ownit’s virtual inventory puts you just a tap away from everything you need to know about your stuff.

And when you really think about it, you take on a lot when you buy something new. You need to keep on top of its shelf life, manage any repairs, sometimes contact manufacturers – not to mention work out how to use it and keep it safe. Ownit lets you do all of this with a single tap, directing you to a product’s website, support team, Twitter feed, Facebook page, instructional videos on YouTube and virtual manuals – if any.

Plus, you also get the immense satisfaction of seeing a long juicy list of all the great things you own organised neatly. Who doesn’t love a good list?

You can download Ownit for free on iOS and Android.