Parcelive is a tiny tracking device that knows where your parcel is at all times, and even if it's been tampered with.

The ability to track parcels on their journey to our doorsteps is nothing new, but Parcelive isn’t your average tracker. Complete with smart sensors and clever GPS tracking tech, Parcelive is a miniature tracking device that keeps tabs on the location and condition of your parcel whether it’s in a warehouse in China, on a loading van in Hawaii, or sitting at a depot in Milton Keynes.

Unlike other parcel tracking services that only let you check your parcel’s location on various legs of its journey, like leaving the warehouse, loading the van, and so on, Parcelive lets you keep tabs from the moment your parcel gets wrapped until the second it arrives. It doesn’t matter where it is in the world or what time of day it is – all you have to do is fire up the app to see its exact location.

It’s not just about knowing where your parcel is, though. We’ve all probably had the odd dog-eared parcel plonked on our doorstep, so it’s actually great to know that our parcel is safe from harm. Parcelive has a built-in light sensor that will alert you if your parcel has been opened at any point during its journey, letting you know the exact place where the breach occurred. It can also sense if its been dropped or handled roughly.

There’s a sensor for temperature too, meaning temperature sensitive packages like medical supplies and food will send alerts if they ever experience cold or hot conditions that might spoil them.

Although it would be great for all of our packages to have a Parcelive device slipped in for good measure, it looks like the service will initially be only open to organisations with delicate cargo who need peace of mind while it’s in transit. It’s a worldwide service, so anyone interested can sign up here to get on board.