MEEM is a smartphone charging cable that automatically backs up all of your phone important phone data while it's juicing up.

Update: MEEM reached its funding goal in March! You can now pick up your own at

Cloud storage can be expensive, not to mention open to the risk hackers and data thieves. But with this new MEEM Android phone charging cable, you can back up all of the precious content from your smartphone to a safe place just by plugging it in.

Launching in February this year in the UK, the cable claims to be the first phone-charging cable that can mirror your life. From photos, videos and music, to your calendar, contacts, and all of the priceless text conversations between you and your friends, MEEM will keep a permanent, secure back-up of all of the lovely stuff you never want to lose.

No cloud storage fees, no fiddly file transfers, no nasty cyber thieves coming along to steal your life’s memories. All of your treasured holiday snaps and lovingly-compiled playlists will be saved safely to the MEEM cable itself and accessible only by you.


Smart charging

How does it work? Pretty much like your regular phone charger. The only difference is that the first time you plug MEEM into your phone, you’ll be prompted to download the MEEM app. This is the gateway between your phone’s content and the cable. Every other time after that, the transfer will happen seamlessly when you plug in for a power up.

The initial charge will take a little longer because MEEM will need to back up everything on your phone, but it’ll gradually get quicker because it saves new stuff incrementally. MEEM’s maker claims it can chug 1GB of data from your phone in around 6 minutes, which is pretty standard for USB storage devices.

If ever MEEM gets into the wrong hands, you’re still safe. The MEEM app will have you create a secure passcode that anyone plugging MEEM into an unfamiliar phone will have to input before they can access or add to MEEM’s data.

You can jump in line for MEEM at It’s just £39.99 for Android & £59.99 for iPhone!

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