Getting kitted out with security devices like smart locks and smoke detectors could save you money on insuring your home with Travelers.

American insurance company Travelers has announced that lucky customers with a home full of qualifying smart devices are now eligible for a special discount on their homeowners insurance.

Thanks to the new Protective Device Discount, certain smart home security systems like deadbolts, alarms, security cameras, smoke detectors, and interior sprinkler systems will reduce the cost of insuring your home.

Of course, it’s no surprise that insurance companies are beginning to latch on to the benefits of customers with smart homes. Thanks to security cameras that can alert the police to intruders, and smoke detectors that can sense a fire before there’s even smoke, a smart home is the ultimate cocoon of safety, which spells significantly slighter chances of insurance companies having to pay out for damage.

Indeed, Elaine Montgomery-Baisden, Chief Underwriting Officer of Personal Insurance at Travelers told Business Wire, “Creating a smart home with a variety of innovative connected devices can provide many benefits to consumers, including helping to keep their families and property safe.”

It’s not entirely clear whether the discount will be offered to customers outside of the US yet, with details of the discount only being advertised on the company’s US site.

The news of the Protective Device Discount comes just weeks after cloud-based platform ROC Connect announced a smart home platform offering insurers the option of planting smart home devices in their customers’ homes.

Story via: Business Wire