If you own a pre-2013 Kindle, you'll need to update it before March 22nd to save it from an untimely demise.


Amazon has issued an important notice to owners of certain Kindle e-reader models that they need to perform a software update before March 22nd (that’s tomorrow, folks) in order to keep it online.

If you miss the update, Amazon says you’ll lose the ability to download Kindle books from the Cloud, access the Kindle Store, and use other features dependent on Kindle service..pretty much everything you use it for, then.

The great news is that the update is a painless job that only takes a few taps to get going, and most Kindles can carry out the update via WiFi. Just go to Menu from the Home screen, then choose Sync and Check for Items. Make sure your kindle is plugged in and connected to the WiFi overnight to let the update run its course.

For anyone unsure if their Kindle needs the update, Amazon provides a handy list of all devices affected, including the original Kindle Paperwhite and earlier.