Shooz are modular shoes with customisable soles and skins that take up almost zero space in your luggage.


Ever had to pack a month’s supply of clothes in a backpack, or had to quickly transition from casual to smart on the go? You’ve no doubt cursed your shoe collection for being the most unwieldy baggage burden that ever existed.

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If so, perhaps it’s time you slipped on a pair of Shooz. No more scrunching your shoes to within an inch of their life or leaving your favourite pair behind to lighten the load. Shooz are the world’s first modular travel shoe you can zip apart, customise for all occasions, and transport with ease.

They come in two parts; Shooz soles, and Shooz skins. The soles are the part you wear all the time, with durable super-flex, anti-shock insoles that promise to keep your feet comfy and dry. You can choose from Urban, Running, or Drive soles, depending on whether you need a classy modern look, extra grip for sport, or a general day-to-day shoe.

Shooz skinsSkins are where it gets creative. They’re the interchangeable top parts of the shoe that zip on and off depending on the style you’re after. Wear the Corsa skin for running, flip to Mocassino for a casual slip-on, and choose Duilio for a smart brogue. The makers of Shooz claim skins take up no more space in your bag than a t-shirt, which beats the age-old drill of stuffing your shoes with as many items in your bag as possible to make them fit.

While, granted, a lot of dedicated followers of fashion probably won’t want to sacrifice their expensive Italian brogues for a portable alternative with zips, there’s something to be said for the aesthetic appeal Shooz have achieved.

To the unassuming eye, the zips are invisible. All of the materials used are high-quality Italian leathers and bio-cottons too. And if you match the right skin with the right sole, you’ll actually get something that closely resembles a normal shoe.

There’s the added bonus that you won’t just be sizing down your shoe collection, but also your carbon footprint, given that normal shoe manufacturing takes its hefty toll on the environment.

Shooz are available to pre-order over on Kickstarter, where they’re well on their way to smashing their funding goal. Both soles and skins are $49 (around £32) each.


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