Silent Partner is a smart snoring patch that combats the sound of snoring with noise cancellation technology.

This genius little device is the first snoring solution that doesn’t actually try to stop anyone snoring. Instead, by transmitting counteractive sound waves when its wearer snores, Silent Partner is able to create a ‘silent zone’ around their head to give the person next to them a peaceful night’s sleep.

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Now we think about it, the idea behind Silent Partner is glaringly obvious. In a world where snoring solutions haven’t quite managed to cut the dreaded snort off at the source just yet, there’s only one thing for it. Fight fire with fire. Or in this case, fight noise with, erm, more noise.

Silent Partner’s secret is subwavelength active noise cancellation technology (ANC). Using built-in microphones, Silent Partner detects the amplitude and frequency of the snore, and broadcasts a sound wave with an inverted phase. The two sound waves line and up cancel each other out instantly. The result? Sweet silence.

Don’t believe it? Check it out in action:

The device’s makers say it’s effective from as close as eight inches away, meaning the person lying next to the guilty party should be completely oblivious to the nocturnal symphony coming from the neighbouring pillow.

The patch itself looks similar to a regular anti-snoring patch. It’s a light, compact little device that you place over your nose, with hypoallergenic adhesive pads to gently stick to your face. And because it only uses acoustic sound to kill off the snore, it’s completely harmless.

It runs on a rechargeable hearing aid battery, with a charging port for when it needs a power-up. Those adhesive pads should stay sticky for around a month before needing replacing, and the device itself comes with 14 spare pads.

You can get in line for a Silent Partner over on its Indiegogo page. The cheapest early bird offer still available is $59 (£39). It’ll eventually retail for $99 (£65).


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