The IoT and beauty have paired up for the ultimate vanity mirror.

Applying your makeup in the wrong lighting can lead to all kinds of horrific outcomes – at best, looking like a complete fool in public. And at the very worst? Having to change jobs, move cities, and never again speak to your former colleagues who saw you looking like Frankenstein and Charlie Chaplin’s love child.

We exaggerate slightly. But nevertheless, there’s definitely call for a smart tech solution – and the Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro wants to be that solution. From the makers of the amazing Wide-View Sensor Mirror,  the Sensor Mirror Pro is a circular vanity mirror packed with smart sensors and lighting galore that could spell the end of those nightmarish bad makeup days for good.

The mirror comes with 5x and 10x magnification – the former for seeing the entirety of your mug with exceptional clarity, and the latter for tweezing, eye liner applying, spot prodding, and all of the other precision preening that requires a much beadier eye.

Like its predecessor, the Sensor Mirror Pro comes with a tru-lux light system, which gives a colour rendering index (CRI) or 90. If that means nothing to you, all you need to know is that the closer that number is to 100, the better. For getting the most realistic reflection of your beautiful visage possible, 90 is pretty spot on.

Meanwhile, built-in LEDs light up when they detect your presence, which is pretty great if you’re used to fumbling around under your dressing table just to switch on a poorly lit lamp. Just rock up to the mirror whenever you like and it will light up as if it’s pleased to see you.

Of course, a smart mirror wouldn’t be smart without some clever customisable trickery, and the Sensor Mirror Pro has a companion app for playing boss. To access over 50,000 colour variations, just fire up the mirror’s app on your phone and toggle around to get the right lighting environment. You can even capture light settings from the environments around you and have the mirror mimic them – like the lighting around your desk at work, or the ambience at your favourite bar.

Anyone already dabbling in some smart home magic will be pleased to know that the Sensor Mirror Pro has joined the Works With Nest revolution, which means you can sync the settings from your Nest Cam to the LEDs in the mirror. There’s also an IFTTT channel to create custom rules like, “If it’s sunny outside, then set the Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro to sunshine preset,” What’s more, Simplehuman says it’s planning on adding Amazon Alexa integration in early June. This could see you telling Alexa which setting to load onto your mirror.

The Sensor Mirror Pro plugs into a regular socket via a cable, but it’s also rechargeable, and can be used for up to 4 weeks on a full  charge. You can buy it here for $250 (£172).