An easy peasy way to juggle all the screens in your life.

Are you seeing multiple screens at the same time? Tut tut! It’s time to put your screen shenanigans to bed and get on board with Skreens – the easy, fuss-free way to pack all your content into a single screen.

With Skreens hooked up to your TV, you can simultaneously watch a blu-ray and keep an eye on your eBay bids, catch the game and follow all the commentary on Twitter, or plug in your console and check up on Facebook while you play. Like Skreen’s maker says, it’s all the stuff you normally do, just on one interface. Neat.

Depending on which model you choose, you can have up to four devices plugged into Skreen’s HDMI ports, giving you practically unlimited options for split screen fun. Skreens even comes equipped with WiFi and its very own Chromium browser, so you don’t have to waste any ports plugging in your laptop and internet devices.

Skreens lifestyle 2

When you’re happy with your set-up, you can manage how all of your content is displayed on your TV using the Skreens controller app (iOS and Android). There are tons of interchangeable, customisable interfaces to play around with, so your niche needs should be taken care of. Adjust your Skreens layout is a simple case of pinching and dragging.

Spec-wise, Skreen keeps all of your content nice and sharp, with full 1080 px output from all of its ports. Its media accelerator chip is also specially designed to reduce lag and make all of your screen transitions seamless and speedy.

Skreens lifestyle

For the serial split screeners out there, Skreen’s makers suggest a particularly tantalising arrangement. Chain a couple of four-port Skreen devices together, and enjoy the an extravagant eight HDMI ports at your disposal all at once. Ooh er.

If you’re hungry for more stuff on your screen, you’ll have to wait patiently for Skreens to officially hit the shops. Final pricing is still to be revealed, but the multi-tasking whiz kid was up on Kickstarter at an early bird price of $179 (around £137) for the two-port version. Keep an eye on the Kickstarter campaign to find out when you can grab your own.