Bet you've never seen a feather move...this....slowly...before.

Is your living space all about the zen? If so, you’re going to love Slow Dance. A hollow wooden picture frame with a curious copper spool in its base, Slow Dance is an optical illusion sculpture that has the ability to make things placed inside it appear to move in slow motion.

There’s pretty much no limit to what you can place inside Slow Dance to create cool effects. When you’ve decided on an object to display like a flower, feather of leaf, simply secure it inside one of Slow Dance’s two clips to frame it, press a button on the base, and it will instantly appear to wave and undulate as if time is moving really slowly. It’s ridiculously mesmerising…

Slow Dance feather slow moA button on the base of the frame lets you toggle between different dance patterns, including various slow and smooth settings, as well as some that make objects appear as if they’re jumping instantaneously through the air, which is kind of cool. You can even touch the objects while they’re on display, and they will still look like they’re defying time.

Want to know the secret behind Slow Dance? It’s actually pretty simple. Strobe lighting. Yep, exactly like at a rave. Except this is possible the most chilled out rave you’ll ever see. So chilled out, in fact, that you can’t even see the lights blinking.

Slow Dance smart picture frameBy beaming high-speed strobe lights blinking at 80 times a second, Slow Dance makes sure you can’t even tell the light is flashing. It merely looks like an ordinary continuous light. You can control the brightness to your liking using a knob on the base.

The reason that objects look like they’re moving so slowly in the strobe lighting is a phenomenon called persistence of vision. By syncing the strobe lights to the high-speed variation of objects, Slow Dance creates the visual illusion of slow motion. This works in the same way as your TV, by flickering frozen images quickly enough that they simply look like they’re moving continuously.

Whether you’re in the mood for meditation, want an eye-catching centrepiece in your home, or just want to see how different stuff moves in slow mo, Slow Dance is sure to bring you some much-needed zen. The frame has monumentally smashed its funding goal over on Kickstarter, and is up for pre-order from $249 (around £189).