Play over 1000 PC games from your Steam account on-the-go with this Smach Z pocket-sized handheld gaming console.

Smach Z is the first handheld gaming console that puts your entire collection of PC games from your Steam library in your pocket.

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With a Full HD touchscreen and high-performance AMD brain, Smach Z is powerful enough to let you play top games like Portal 2, Left 4 Dead 2, and DOTA when you’re on the bus to work.

Smach Z is a hell of a lot more than just a cure for your gaming withdrawal when you’re away from your PC though. It has haptic touch controls, a joystick, four trigger buttons and two rear action buttons, so you can easily customise the controls to suit your preferred fast-fingered technique. Just slap on some of Smach Z’s Magic-Z Pad add-ons to the touch pads to add more buttons and combinations too.

There’s even an onboard accelerometer and gyroscope combo to give you intuitive control of racing or flying games, and an HDMI output in case you want to go big-screen and hook Smach Z up to the TV. Plus, if you play any PC games that aren’y yet supported by Steam OS, you can stream them to Smach Z too.

Spec-wise, Smach Z isn’t modest. As well as a mobile 4G connection for the roving gamer, this pocket gaming virtuoso boasts 2GB graphics memory, 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory. That’s only if you buy the Pro model, mind. If you go for the basic Smach Z, you’ll get a little less memory and no 4G, so you’ll be limited to Wi-Fi zones.

Add to that the whopping five hours of battery life, plus the option to double that with more batteries and you have the ultimate handheld gaming weapon.

You can find Smach Z over on Kickstarter, where it’s clawing its way to a rather steep 900,000 Euro funding goal. If it makes it, you can nab a Smach Z Pro for €449 (£327), or the standard Smach Z for €249 (£181).


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