These WiFi-equipped feeders could spell the end of restless nights for sleep deprived babies and their parents.


Diluo Baby FeederBuy for £325 here

In less than 20 seconds, Diluo prepares your little one’s meal to the perfect consistency and temperature. With a quick tap of the app on your smartphone, you can have lump-free, bacteria-clear, nutrient-packed formula at your baby’s lips without the fuss and night-time fumbling that normally comes with feeding time.

As well as being able to turn Diluo on from the app at your convenience, you can set up a 24-hour feeding schedule so that Diluo will automatically spring into action when required. It can store enough water and powder for up to 12 portions, so you don’t have to constantly fill up the machine. When it does eventually need a top up, the app will kindly let you know.

Diluo has been tested with all UK formula brands, so it’s a professional mixologist when it comes to getting the right balance of powder and water. It heats up the formula to 70 degrees, before cooling it to the perfect temperature.

For a quick snack, Diluo will prepare a half portion of formula in just 10 seconds. It’s also compatible with your baby’s favourite bottle, and even cleans itself to save you the hassle.


Poppy Smart Baby FeederSign up here to know when it becomes available

Poppy prepares formula servings from two to eight ounces within a matter of seconds, and limits bubbles and clumps so that feeding time goes as smoothly as possible. Its careful method of preparing your baby’s meal ensure it’s full of those all-important probiotics, vitamins and nutrients, while staying completely free of potential nasty bacteria.

With the companion Wink app, Poppy lets you track and log feedings to help regulate your baby’s routine, as well as schedule feeding times to save you visiting the app every meal time. The app even connects to Amazon to automatically order more formula when it sees you’re running low.

Poppy is compatible with most standard baby bottle sizes.

Baby Gigl

Baby Gigl Smart BottleSign up here to know when it becomes available

This smart feeding bottle might not prepare formula like other smart baby feeders, but it can give you detailed feeding stats straight from your baby’s mouth to your smartphone that can help prevent your baby developing Colic.

If you hold Gigl at the wrong angle for your baby, sound and light signals on the bottle will give you a gentle warning to adjust your method, preventing the baby from spitting up and getting an upset tummy. It’ll also let alert you if there are lumps in the bottle stopping formula coming through the spout.

Meanwhile, the companion Baby Journal 3.0 app tracks how many times your baby burped, how many lumps were in the formula, and its temperature throughout the feed. At the end of the feed, you’ll get a text or an email giving you a brief overview of the feed.


BabyNesBuy here for £240

This smart formula machine by Nestlé prepares your baby’s meals using airtight powder capsules that prevent exposure to bacteria. You can control the temperature of the formula manually, or scan the individual capsule barcode to let BabyNes regulate the water and temperature variables for the perfect mixture.

From the BabyNes online dashboard and iPhone app, you ca get feeding alerts, and even view and track your baby’s nutrition, growth and moods. If you like, you can share this information via the app with friends and family.

The app also keeps an automatic log of each feed, including how much formula was prepared and when. It’s also is full of development tips for your baby, and will notify you when you’re running out of capsules, then order more for you.