Trouble getting a restful night's sleep? Maybe you need cosy up in a smart bed...

We’ve seen a ton of bedside gadgets that help us drift off. But what if the trick was under the covers? Enter “it bed” by Sleep Number, the smart bed that monitors your body while you snooze and tells you how to get a lovely long kip.

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The bed, which debuted at CES 2016, is rigged with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a network of biometric sensors that track every movement your body makes hundreds of times a second. From every wriggle, flail, and roll, to your heart rate and even your breathing, it bed collects personal insights about your sleep behaviour and transmits the data wirelessly to an app on your phone.

Whether it’s reducing your intake of coffee at bedtime, or simply getting more exercise, the it bed app will advise you on how simple changes in your lifestyle can help you improve your sleep based on your personal data. Obviously, the bed’s success does rely heavily on you actually following the advice, so there’s still some legwork to be done on your part.

What’s more, it bed’s mattress is adjustable, with two foam-filled air chambers that you can manually make as cushioned or supportive as you like. The app will tell you exactly how they should be adjusted to maximise the ZZZs based on your nocturnal activity, which is pretty handy.

Sleep Number has even hinted that in the future, it bed could talk to other smart gadgets in your life like your thermostat or fitness band. This could see the bed automatically turning down your heating to your personal optimal sleeping temperature, or giving you nutritional advice via your fitness apps.

If you’re after a long-term solution for your slumber struggles, it bed should definitely be at the top of your list. It’s expected to launch this summer for around $1000 (£684), and will be available in six mattress sizes.


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