A tough as old boots little Bluetooth lock that turns your phone into a key.

Worried about prying hands getting inside *that* bottom drawer? You might want to grab Smart Cube. Currently reaping in funding over on Indiegogo, it’s a Bluetooth lock that fits onto practically any drawer to keep all of your dark secrets safe.

Simply install it onto any drawer, cabinet or closet hiding your top-secret stuff, and Smart Cube will become a remote control lock that turns your phone into a key. With the app installed on any iOS or Android device, you can remotely check the status of the lock, see its activity history and even get alerts if someone tries to tamper with it.

To avoid having to even get your phone out, you can customise it so that it automatically snaps open when your phone is nearby. It has a Bluetooth range of around 150 feet, but you can customise that range to tighten security. If you happen to attach Smart Cube to something portable, the app will let you track its location to make sure it never goes out of your reach.

Smart Cube lock demoThe brilliant thing about Smart Cube is that it’s incredibly easy to install. Just fit the mount inside a door or drawer using 3M tape, slide the Cube device on, then attach the connector to the inside of the drawer or cabinet. The app walks you through the entire syncing process, so you’ll be a walking human key for your own secret safe in no time.

Battery-wise, Smart Cube runs on a watch-style battery that should  give it around 1 to 2 years of life. When the battery dies, the lock will automatically snap into the unlocked position until you replace it with a new one.

Building a smart home? If your smart home hub runs on Bluetooth, you can integrate Smart Cube into your connected life to make it work in harmony with other smart gadgets in your house.

Whether you want to stop teenagers getting inside the alcohol cabinet, toddlers accessing the cleaning cupboard or simply keep your treasured hole punch safe from your light-fingered colleagues, Smart Cube is an easy, no-fuss, reliable solution. You can pre-order it now from Indiegogo now for $69 for one (around £56), or grab three for $139 for three (around £112).