ePint is a smart beer mug that keeps tabs on how much you drink and calls a cab when you're over the limit.

You probably don’t need telling that it’s beer o’clock, but knowing when it’s time to call it a day after knocking back a few can be a different story. And you might not always have your responsible wingman by your side who’s always there to bundle you into a taxi and send you home when you’re past your best. That’s where ePint comes in.

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ePint is your wingman who’s always got your back. Using its built-in accelerometer, ePint keeps count of how many pints you’ve had, and sends your drinking stats to an app on your phone via Bluetooth.

When the ePint app senses you’ve had more than the legal limit, it’ll tell you it’s time to call a taxi. Likewise, you can set the app to automatically call you a taxi at the stroke of midnight.

But ePint isn’t just there to tell you when the night’s over. That’d be, frankly, the most annoying beer mug ever.

Equipped with multicolour LEDs, ePint will light up with you team’s colours while you’re watching the footie, and they even flash when your team scores to join the celebrations.

The app can also connect to multiple ePints, meaning you can light up a party with an entire room full of ePints. There are drinking games in the app too, which make use of ePint’s flashing LEDs, such as musical chairs, and The Chugging Contest.

Come morning, ePint is also the perfect hangover partner, calculating how much water you need to drink from the previous night’s pint intake, and even telling you much exercise you need to do to recover. Yes, we really did say exercise…

You can step in line for an ePint over on its Kickstarter campaign. Its early bird price is $30 (£20).


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