Fancy growing your own lunch on your desk, or cultivating a miniature jungle in the living room? These mini indoor smart gardens make it a doddle.

Grow Box

7Sensors Grow Box BedroomWith Grow Box, absolutely anyone can grow all kinds of amazing shrubs and tropical plants without really having to lift a finger.

Grow Box is, in its maker’s words, a sunlight emulator, irrigation system and climate controller in one. It’s a 70-inch tall cabinet equipped with a 7-gallon water tank, water pump, LED light system, soil moisture sensor and humidity sensor that make it practically self-sustaining.

All you need to do is pop in your plant or seeds, fill the tank with water and use the phone app to tell Grow Box exactly what’s inside it. With the ability to emulate absolutely any kind of tropical climate, Grow Box can nurture the most obscure plants from far off climes – as long as they’ll fit inside a 24-inch square, 70-inch tall box, obviously.

You can even use the app to set the sunrise and sunset times to really give your plant the feeling that it’s soaking up the sun in its home paradise.

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GroboGrobo lets you grow your own completely organic herbs and vegetables inside the comfort of your living space. You can plant anything you like in a Grobo unit and customise environmental variables like lighting and irrigation in an app on your phone.

Just like with Grow Box, all you need to do is tell the app what’s cookin’ in there, and it’ll do the rest. The app will keep you updated on how your plants are getting along with up to the minute information on the growing process.

It will also connect you with a community of gardeners so you can share tips and get advice on cultivating a veritable jungle in your home.

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Veritable Indoor GardenVéritable lets you grow all kinds of tasty treats without you needing to put on a pair of gardening gloves, pick up a watering can, or even know the first thing about gardening.

With a built-in reservoir of water for automatic irrigation and height-adjustable LED lights that follow a day and night cycle, Véritable mimics the sunny outdoors and provides all of the nutrients your plants need to flourish in your home.

You can grow up to four varieties of plants at once by putting your choice of Véritable Lingots into the garden’s floor slots. Lingots are blocks packed with organic fertiliser and soil, customised to take special care of whatever seeds are inside.

Véritable’s range of Lingots includes popular plants like Thyme, Lemon Basil, mini lettuce and other more obscure varieties like Lemon Verbena and Zucchini flowers. When you’ve picked what delights you want to grow next, you can order a Lingot pack straight from the app.

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EcoQube Air

EcoQube AirThis divine little desktop greenhouse is a life-nurturing, air-purifying centrepiece that turns your home in a healthy haven.

With a tap of your finger, you can alter the air flow from the dual fans, orchestrate a light schedule for your smart garden’s multicoloured LEDs, and even emulate weather conditions like cloud cover and oncomings storms above your flourishing plants.

Whether you’re growing an edible salad forest or a decorative bed of flowers, there’s space in EcoQube Air for up to 12 plants to grow together at any time of the year.

Whatever you choose to grow, EcoQube Air will use its clever filtration system to stimulate growth, while its UV filter will actively kill microbes and prevent the growth of algae.

Using its clever airflow system, EcoQube Air can remove harmful particles from the air in your home, fight odours and airborne allergens, and act as a handy humidifier.

Its makers also reckon its LEDs promote smart light therapy, emulating the cycle of the sun to help you sleep better, relax deeper, and even get over jet lag.

Pre-order from Indiegogo for $149 (around £120)

Green Farm Cube

U-ING Green Farm CubeBored of taking the same old foil-wrapped sandwich to work for your lunch? Turn your workspace into a botanical fast-food joint with this Green Farm Cube indoor garden from Japanese company U-ING.

From mini veg to leafy salad and edible flowers, Green Farm Cube creates the perfect environment for your healthy lunch ingredients to flourish.

Taking care of your plants is really easy because the only thing you have to do is add water. Green Farm Cube has a water level measurer which will alert you when you need to add more, meaning there’s no risk of accidentally over or under-feeding your yummy produce.

The rest of the time, the garden will keep your plants happy with white LED lights that mimic the nourishing light of the sun. They run on a smart timer, which dims them at night-time, and then activates them again in the morning to give your plants a natural cycle of light.

When it’s time to take a cutting for your lunch, all you have to do is lift off Green Farm Cube’s transparent lid, and pop out one of the nine little holes that serve as separate beds. They’re handy for accessing your plants quickly, but also mean you can grow multiple plant types at once. Artisan salad, anyone?

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