Handing your little one an iPad may feel like a bit of an ethical climbdown to some, but with Smart Letters, an educational app that teaches kids to read and write using a combination of smart wooden toys and an iPad, a tech-savvy toddler suddenly seems like an incredibly good idea.

Smart Letters works on the principle that kids learn quicker when their mind, body, and feelings are all stimulated, aiming to provide them with a sensory playground for the optimal learning experience.

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Prompted by three fun apps – Vocabubble, Alphamonster, and My Words – that focus on different areas of language such as vocabulary, letter sounds, and shapes, your child will use a connected wooden alphabet to fill in blanks and spell out words by stamping the letters on the iPad screen, with visual animations to keep them interested and accompanying audio to help them learn letter sounds.

Check out Alphamonster in action:

Smart Letters Alphamonster

Smart Letters is currently only available to use with an iPad, but its makers, a french company called Marbotic, says it’s working hard to bring the game to multiple platforms as soon as possible. On the upside, it’s available to pre-order from its Kickstarter campaign for €44 (around £31) for delivery on 1st December this year – just in time for Christmas.

Why not go the whole hog and bag Marbotic’s education number game for kids too? It’s €34.99 (around £25) from Marbotic.fr.


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