Of all the ways to find out your partner is cheating, receiving an animated diagram from your mattress has got to be the weirdest...


If you’re suspicious that your partner is being unfaithful in your own home, there could now be a much quicker and easier way to rumble the affair than attempting to moonlight as a semi-professional private detective.

The creation of a Spanish company called Durmet, Smarttress is an intelligent mattress equipped with a secret ‘Lover Detection System’ that can sense whether it’s being used for suspicious purposes. If the ultrasonic vibration and contact zone sensors in its springs detect questionable activity, Smarttress instantly sends a notification to your phone to let you know there’s potential trouble under the covers.

And we we say ‘notification’, we don’t just mean a quick nudge to say your mattress is in use. That wouldn’t be much fun at all. Not only does Smarttress let you know the time and duration of your mattress’s unscheduled occupancy in real-time, it also provides a helpful visual diagram of the exact rhythmic movement and intensity of speed being applied to its pressure points. Behold…SmarttressThe clever thing is that Smarrtress’s algorithms aren’t simply designed to pick up on all mattress activity when you’re away from home. Its algorithms are based on research carried out on sexual motions, so it’s sophisticated enough to know when it might just be the pet dog jumping on your bed or the washing basket being plonked on it rather than the movements of a furtive couple.

If you’re crafty enough to get a brand new mattress past your partner without causing suspicion, you’ll be able to pick up a standard double Smarttress for around £1,200 when it launches. No news yet on whether it will be available for the UK market, but you can get the latest news here.