Want to know how to make your boring old bathroom mirror into an awesome smart mirror without having to be some sort of coding prodigy? Here are 5 easy (ish) ways...


1. Copy what this Google engineer did

Google mirrorSome clever so-and-so from Google made his own smart mirror complete with minimalist Google-esque font and graphics. Time, date, weather forecast and news updates are all clear as day in monochrome on the mirror’s surface. The creator has posted a tutorial on his blog, and apparently all you’ll need is a “bunch of  components and arts and craft supplies”. Easy, eh?

2. Recycle your old computer monitor

Raspberry Pi smart mirrorThis guy transformed a regular mirror into a smart display with his old computer monitor, a Raspberry Pi, and a spot of woodworking. It displays the time, date and weather forecast, as well as a daily confidence-boosting greeting. You can add other widgets at your leisure. He gives an incredibly detailed tutorial on how to make it here, and has also created a handy troubleshooting forum in case you get stuck.

3. Download an Android app

Android smart mirrorThis smart mirror runs entirely on an Android app coded by Etsy Android engineer, Hannah Mittelstaedt. As well as the date and weather, it displays your day’s calendar events and chore reminders along with cute little graphics. Apart from your Android device and a USB cable, all you’ll need to make this neat little mirror are some bits and bobs from the craft shop, and this beginner-friendly tutorial.

4. Re-vamp your old LCD TV

LCD TV smart mirrorChristened the Magic Mirror by its techie blogger and maker Michael Teeuw, this smart mirror is made from a piece of one-way glass (police interrogation room-style) mounted on an LCD TV. The TV displays white text on a black background to display time and weather updates, and you can customise the font to your taste. Michael gives a detailed tutorial on how to make the Magic Mirror on his blog.

5. Just buy one…

Selfie MirrorThere doesn’t seem to be an official smart mirror that does exactly what the above home creations are capable of, but you can find some pretty cool mirrors that have certain elements of smart. Simplehuman’s Sensor Mirror Pro lights up when you’re near and is capable of mirroring lighting scenes from different areas of your daily life, while this iHome Vanity Mirror can beam tunes and calls to your dressing table. We’re also keeping our beady eye on LookingGlass, a prototype smart mirror that uses facial recognition to customise its widgets for every mirror gazer. Pretty awesome!

Pic credits: LookingGlass | Medium |  Dylan J. Pierce | Adafruit | Michael TeeuwSelfie Mirror