The latest universal remote that wants to rule your house.

There are plenty universal remotes on the market to put you in command of all your gadgets at once, but Smart Remote by Sevenhugs might just be the most appealing one we’ve come across to date.

Boasting a colour touch screen with a minimalistic design that looks like it could have come straight from Apple HQ, Smart Remote puts the luxury of swiping and tapping to control your gadgets at your fingertips.

It has some big names under its belt too, putting your Nest thermostat, Philips Hue lightbulbs and Sonos sound system at the mercy of your every tap.

Smart Remote sevenhugsWhat’s perhaps more tantalising, however, is the fact that Smart Remote recognises where you’re pointing it and adapts its screen accordingly. No faffing with apps or scrolling to find the right gadget to control – just a simple, intuitive screen that stays one step ahead of you.

Walk into the living room, for instance, at the brainy gizmo will know you’re about to turn on your TV and bring up options to switch on, change channel or select your favourite on-demand app. Go towards your Hue lightbulbs, and Smart Remote will instantly let you toggle brightness and colour from its touch screen.

Smart Remote is still in its pre-order stage, with shipping set for some time in September. You can jump in line early here to get 50% its eventual retail price.